We know that there’s plenty to think about when planning your wedding, which is why we want to help make it as simple as possible for you. To do that we’ve created a selection of drinks packages that ensure you’ll not be left fretting or worrying about keeping glasses charged at your wedding.

Why offer drinks packages? Our experience tells us that it’s simpler and easier for us to look after your drinks, leaving you to spend time with your friends and family.  It also means that there’s no hidden costs on things such as corkage and waste disposal, no last minute supermarket trips and no minimum spend at our bar. Each of our packages has also been carefully crafted to ensure you’re getting the very best that the South West has to offer.  So what will it be, Pimms? Cocktails? A gin bar or beer and local cider? The choice is yours; we’ll look after the rest!

Looking for the best private wedding venue in Cornwall? Look no further than Launcells Barton

At Launcells Barton we don’t believe in hidden costs; we want you to know what you’re getting and feel safe that you’ll not be hit with additional charges as your plans progress.  Our drinks packages make sure you know exactly where you stand – no extra waste disposal, rental of fridges or even having to hire bar staff or pay corkage – you’ll pay just for your drinks.

Looking for the best private wedding venue in Cornwall? Look no further than Launcells Barton

Considered asking an external company to provide a bar at your wedding? They’ll usually want a minimum spend, which if your guests don’t turn out to be quite as thirsty as you’d anticipated, could mean you’re left footing an additional bill once the wedding is over. Our bar has no minimum spend; your guests are here to drink as much as they want to.

Keep your wedding to you and just your loved ones at Launcells Barton - Private Wedding Venue in Cornwall

How does the idea of not having to worry sound? You won’t have to make multiple trips with bottles rattling around in friends’ cars and the best man won’t have to make a dash to the shops halfway through the celebrations because you have run out of something! Your day will be all about having a great time with your friends and family – we’ll look after everything else!

Looking for that perfect countryside wedding venue in Cornwall? Look no further then Launcells Barton

We’re proud of where we live, so when you book our wedding venue it’s only natural that you enjoy some of the finest local produce while nestled away in our own piece of Cornish countryside. We only provide the very best Cornish ales, lagers and ciders. Looking for a stronger tipple? All of our spirits are handcrafted and premium, so your guests will be getting the very best.