Why we only offer Exclusive Use Wedding Venue Hire…

When it comes to your big day, you want it to be just that – your day.  One of the most special in your life, and one spent with loved ones, friends and your family.

So what if you had to share those moments with people you might not know, or even see again in your life? We believe that having your big day at an exclusive venue means you’re not only free from the stresses of strangers walking in and out or hotel managers prioritising guests checking in, but also able to enjoy the day and the benefits that come with making your wedding venue the right one.

Today we’re going to take a look at just a few reasons you might want to choose an exclusive venue such as ours at Launcells Barton

  1. Be photobomb free

We’ve all been there; the perfect moment captured by the priciest photographer money can buy, but who’s that guy reading the newspaper at the bar or the couple having a cuddle in the distance?

That moment’s not coming back, so when it comes to our exclusive venue you’ll be pleased to know that the only thing your photographer will need to tackle will hopefully be the glare of the sunshine and the greenery of the great Cornish scenery.

The rest will be you and your closest friends and family taking centre stage.

  1. Get the staff attention you deserve

Exclusive use venues, such as Launcells Barton make it all about your day. The staff are there just for your wedding, not for other visitors or guests. Whether the registrar seems in a rush to get to their next ceremony, or reception staff are having to handle potential problems with other paying guests, they’re not going to be able to give you all of their attention and care.

You, your partner, and your guests are our top priority and we’re always focussed on helping you as much as possible throughout your day.  Making it the one you’ve always dreamed of is what we strive for.

  1. Keep it all in one place

Planning the perfect day can be stressful enough, so who really wants to go from place to place on their big day? Exclusive use venues allow you to totally relax and get comfortable in one place, and your guests will be happy about it too.

This also makes styling your big day a lot easier too! Decorations can go up the day before, leaving you to enjoy the excitement of the morning of your wedding, surrounded by friends and family without the stress of having to set up.

  1. Make it your own, and make it perfect

Launcells Barton, and other exclusive venues, are all about weddings. They aren’t primarily a hotel or a place of worship, or even a castle that is supported by tourism. This means that they know the industry inside out, and can give you all the advice and support you need.

They also allow couples more freedom when it comes to styling and decoration. You’ll be presented with a blank canvas to make your own, compared to a room that has already been potentially styled to suit the venue’s other area of business.

If you would like to find out more about having an exclusive wedding at Launcells Barton, get in touch on 01288 352352 or email hello@launcellsbarton.co.uk

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