Enjoy a Romantic

Sunset Tractor Ride

Steal a moment alone, just the two of you.



We invite all our couples to take a romantic tractor ride across the farm and watch the sunset over the Cornish Sea. With breath-taking views of the countryside, it’s a chance to spend some precious time together, just the two of you. The incredible light during golden hour makes for some amazing photographs and by the time you return you’ll be ready to get the party started. 

If the ground is too wet for the tractor, you can still go in search of those spectacular views, either on foot or via piggy-back! The latter always leads to some fun photos!




Launcells Barton is more than a wedding venue, it’s also a 240-acre working organic farm. We’re passionate about our land, the surrounding countryside and the insects, birds and animals who’ve made it their home. We strive to operate in harmony with nature, increasing biodiversity, enriching the soil and avoiding the use of heavy machinery as much as possible. Our regenerative approach not only helps the farm stay lush, green and fertile, it’s more sustainable and better for the environment. 

Our forestry management plan also ensures our 30-acre woodland is always being regenerated. Trees no longer at their best are used to heat the venue during the colder months. It’s a labour-intensive process and it takes two full days to get our biomass boiler to temperature, but we’re proud to be self-sufficient.




Our beautiful flower meadows are a haven for butterflies, bees and other precious wildlife. We also use herbal leys across the farm – a rich mixture of grasses, legumes and herbs designed to push much needed Co2 back into the earth. Whether you choose to pop a celebratory bottle of champagne among the wildflowers or get lost together in a field of barley, Launcells Barton provides the perfect natural backdrop for your wedding all year round.