April 4, 2022

We often get asked, what’s the difference between a venue’s wedding co-ordinator and a wedding planner, so we thought we would answer your questions and offer some clarity!

A Venue’s Wedding Co-ordinator does pretty much what it says on the tin. They’re there to help with all aspects of the running of the day and answer any questions about the venue that you may have. From when the best time to throw the confetti might be, to ceremony “all weather” plans, to how long your welcome drinks reception should be, they’re there to help the day run smoothly and ensure nothing is missed or forgotten.

What’s the difference when it comes to suppliers in the run up to the wedding? 

As a venue we have some amazing suppliers that we can recommend that we have worked with many times before and can offer some great suggestions on who might be available or suit your style and budget most, but a wedding planner is there to actually go out and source and organise all of this for you. They will directly contact your suppliers, check availability and liaise with all the contracts, timings etc throughout your wedding planning. They might even attend your wedding dress fittings, or hair trials and are on hand 24/7 for any wedding related worries or questions you may have.

What’s the difference the day before? 

When you arrive at the venue the day before your wedding, the venue team will have set up all your tables, chairs and ceremony furniture and are on hand all day for any questions or queries you may have. Your florist, lighting or styling company will then come in and set up to ensure everything is looking beautiful! Or if you and your team of merry helpers who would rather get stuck in, you can decorate and style yourselves. Depending on what you have discussed with your caterer, they will either come in the day before or the day of, to lay up the crockery, cutlery etc on the tables and the bar team will take care of all the glassware.  A Wedding Planner, who will sometimes also be your wedding stylist, will take care of all this for you, so you can lay back and watch the beauty unfold!  From table place names to seating plans, they will take care of everything!

Transport and accommodation

Being so close to Bude we have an abundance of accommodation on our doorstep and although we have a few places we recommend on our website, how you get here and where your guests stay, is in the hands of the couple and their guests. Most couples find a simple list of local accommodation and a nod towards booking.com or airbnb and guests are well away with finding the perfect place to stay for a couple of days. We can also recommend some great mini bus companies and have a list of local taxi companies for guests to use! But, word to the wise, we don’t have Uber in Cornwall, so your guests do need to call in advance to arrange for a taxi to take them home.

A wedding planner would organise all this for you; booking hotel rooms, organising transport, timings of pick up and drop off’s, they have all this taken care off.

What about on the day?

On the day a venue wedding co-ordinator is there to liaise with all your suppliers ensuring everyone is where they need to be and everyone is on the same page with timings. They make announcements if needed, direct guests and make sure the Bride and her bridal party are at the ceremony on time and the dress is looking immaculate as they walk down the aisle. On the actual day itself there isn’t a huge amount of difference between a venue wedding co-ordinator and wedding planner.  A planner will get more involved in personal aspects and may, for example, lay out reserved seating for guests, or be on hand to button up the dress, but both planner and co-ordinator’s sole focus on the day is to ensure everything runs smoothly and the couple have the best day! Running last minute button holes to family members and ensuring the acoustic singer has power to set up; it’s all part of what we do and we make sure we take care of everything so the couple and their guests can enjoy every moment!

So you’ve heard all about what a wedding planner and venue co-ordinator do and hopefully that’s given you a bit of an insight into what’s right for you and your wedding, but there are things that you can do to help make things as stress free as possible, without needing the added help of a wedding planner. Here’s our advice to helping you feel as relaxed as possible as you plan your day!

Communication– Communication is the absolute key to ensuring your day runs as smoothly as possible, if we don’t know about something, we can’t help. The last thing anyone want’s is a surprise on the day, so if you’re having sparklers, or you’re having a band playing for your welcome drinks, or you have a nephew that can be a bit of a handful just let us know, that way we will have a space ready for your singer when they turn up, sparklers at the ready when your photographer is ready to go and suggest a space that you can set up a “kiddies area” to ensure everyone is happy!

Budget– It sounds simple enough doesn’t it! Work out what everything is going to cost and go from there, but you really do need to do your homework on budget to ensure things are as stress free as possible and there are no surprises along the way. There will always be last minute things you haven’t accounted for, but by working out your budget at the beginning and checking in with it along the way, it helps you work out your guest numbers, menu choices and what drinks packages you want to go for.

Research– Do as much research as you possibly can, find the suppliers that you most click with and understand what it is you want for you day. Having confidence in your suppliers will take away 99% of the stress!

Check and double check– We do our best to put as much information together for you as possible, when you book with us we send across a co-ordination form and Handy Info guide, which has everything that we need from you to co-ordinate your day smoothly and any FAQ’s that you might have along the way! So when you’re up at 10pm trying to work out the seating plan you can refer to your Handy Info Guide straight away and see table sizes and barn sizes etc!


Hopefully not only have we answered your questions on who does what and when, but it’s also given you some tips on how you can enjoy planning your day! 







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January 17, 2022

In July 2021, the Sun came out and the heat hit us all and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky for Bethany and Sam’s beautiful Summer Wedding.

Bethany and Sam live in Liverpool and planned their wedding with us, not only by taking full advantage of our amazing recommended supplier list, so they knew they were in the best hands for their special day, but by enjoying some long weekends in Cornwall, where they teamed up seeing their suppliers with visiting the venue and then planing all the finer details from back home. It was perfect for them as they had a fantastic excuse for a few weekends away together and gave all their friends and family a lovely break in Cornwall to celebrate with them on the big day!

Bethany and Sam created a simple elegance for their day with an abundance of greenery, candles, simple white flowers & touches of pampas grass throughout, which was all styled beautifully by Bleujen.

Bethany got ready in the manor house with her Bridesmaids and looked utterly gorgeous in a beaded low back dress with a cathedral length veil

As the Bridal party got ready in the Manor house, the guests started to arrive and take their seats in the Mill Barn.

As Bethany and her Bridal party made their way over, Sam waited nervously in the Mill Barn. The Groom wore black tie and the pair looked effortlessly glamorous.Guests followed the newlyweds outside and made their way into the walled garden, where the Launcells Barton team organised guests for confetti, or in Bethany and Sam’s case leaves!

Guests then made their way under the trees to find some shade from the sun and help themselves to a much needed drink.  As Blue Lion Band played an acoustic set, pickled shack mingled serving canapés.

As guests enjoyed Pimms & Fizz, before being asked to find their seats in the Reception Barn, Bethany and Sam snuck off for some photos at the front of the house.

After Bethany and Sam were announced in as Newlyweds, their caterers Pickle Shack served a delicious 3 course meal, of pork belly followed by lemon tart. Speeches got underway shortly afterwards before guests milled outside, enjoying the last of the days sun.  As the Launcells Barton team turned the space around, their band set up for the evening!

Farm Wedding Venue Cornwall

Guests were welcome inside for the couples first dance, and I think it’s safe to say, that guests took full advantage of the fact that all restrictions on weddings had finally been lifted and they could once again dance on the dance floor!!!

Wedding Venues Cornwall

While some guests partied in the Reception Barn and some mingled outside watching the sun go down, Bethany and Sam quickly jumped on the Tractor, for a trip to catch the sunset across the farm and Cornish coast. What a way to watch the sun go down on your special day!farm wedding venue cornwall

Once back, the newlyweds partied the night away with their guests, stopping only briefly for a romantic sparkler tunnel outside the barn.

Wedding Venue Cornwall

A few words from the BrideOur wedding was absolutely everything we imagined and more, as we live in Liverpool and had our friends and family travel down to Cornwall everyone was able to have a mini holiday and bask in the beautiful sunshine and surroundings at launcells Barton! Being able to spend the night before at the Manor House with my bridesmaids, flower girls and mum was absolutely magical! Throughout the night we all had to pinch ourselves on how beautiful it was, waking up together with the Prosecco following whilst getting ready was just perfect and will be the happiest morning of my life!

Everything at launcells was amazing- one of the highlights for me and sam was being able to sneak off on the tractor and not only get some amazing pictures but grab some time just the two of us! We really wanted everyone including our flower girls and page boys to have the best day and the surroundings / grounds at launcells meant everyone could spill out on to the fields and enjoy themselves!”

We wish Bethany and Sam every happiness as they enter into married life. We hope you loved planning from afar with trips down to our beautiful corner of the world and hope that Cornwall will always hold a special place in your heart!
Photographer- Mark Shaw
Caterers- Pickle Shack
Band and acoustic duo- Blue Lion Band
Flowers- Bleujen

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November 30, 2021

Back in July, as the world was starting to see some kind of normality and emerge from the dark tunnel of lockdowns and ridiculous restrictions, yes we mean the one where you can stand up in a Garden with your friends and family, but put a drink in your hand and you must sit down -nope we didn’t get it either- and we were finally able to host “normal” weddings again!

Wedding Cornwall

One of our first weddings of the Summer was Alisha and Ricky and what a wedding it was! Alisha and Ricky were originally supposed to marry in August last year, but for obvious reasons, it was moved to July this year, however this year it wasn’t just the 2 of them standing at the end of the Aisle, as Alisha was carrying their soon to be new addition to the family! We were so happy and excited for them when they told us the news!

Not only was their wedding one of our first weddings since 2019, but it was also Maddie’s first solo wedding here at Launcells Barton! She was rather thrown in at the deep end, as Matt and I unfortunately caught Covid, meaning we had to isolate and couldn’t run their wedding! I was absolutely devastated not to be able to be there, but knew Maddie would be amazing, so while Matt and I were living off our left over wedding cake, as we couldn’t get any food deliveries, Maddie picked everything up and ran with it! How amazing it was to hear the incredible feedback, from suppliers, guests and of course Ricky & Alisha on how well Maddie did! Proud boss moment right there!

Ricky and Alsiha’s day was filled with colour and laughter! They weaved the most gorgeous blues, pinks and peaches throughout the styling of their day and it looked beautiful!

Cornwall Summer Wedding

The day started with the guys heading off to the beach for a quick dip in the sea, which is only a 5 minute drive away in Bude.

Beach Wedding

Meanwhile the ladies all got ready in the Bridal Suite, before guests started arriving and heading to the Snug bar for a pre-ceremony drink!

After drying off and getting himself smartened up, Ricky arrived to welcome everyone before it was time to take their seats and wait for the arrival of the Bride!Wedding Venue Cornwall Alisha looked utterly gorgeous in a simple statement ballgown, I don’t know if it was the excitement of finally getting married or the pregnancy, but everyone said she was absolutely glowing! Just look at her smile as she walked down the aisle as her band played!

Wedding Ceremony Cornwall Wedding Ceremony Cornwall Wedding Ceremony

After the ceremony guests made their way outside for drinks, photos and confetti! There had been showers coming and going all morning, so at the last minute the ceremony was brought inside, with the weather being a tad unpredictable, we decided it was best to set the drinks up in the den opposite the snug bar and then whatever the weather, guests could find shelter if the heavens did open again! Thankfully they didn’t, and the afternoon turned out to be beautiful!

Wedding Drinks Summer Wedding CornwallCornwall Wedding

As Ricky and Alsiha went for a walk and some time with their photographer, their guests took their seats in the Reception Barn, before they were announced in as the new Mr & Mrs!

Wedding Barn Cornwall

After Beautiful and the Feast had served their meal and guests had had a breather outside, it was time for speeches! Wedding Venue Cornwall

After speeches as we turned the venue around and their band set up, guests were able to go outside and enjoy the last of the day’s sun.

Summer Wedding Venue Cornwall

As the sun set, guests were welcomed inside for Ricky and Alisha to cut their cake before their band kicked off the evening with their first dance as Man and Wife!

Wedding Venue Cornwall Wedding Party Cornwall

A few words from the beautiful Bride herself… “Everything happens for a reason’ is a stance I truly believe in and live by, and no more so than having your wedding postponed during a pandemic – a situation thousands of us had to sadly experience during 2020. Both couples and suppliers truly suffered emotionally and financially, however when you work together as a team and fill this undeniably difficult process with understanding from both sides of the equation, then it only leads to amazing things in the future. It definitely did for us, and Lara ensured that the process to move to a 2021 date that suited us both was smooth. And so, the new countdown to the #WedWed 2021 – as our wedding was now on a Wednesday – began. 

So how did two Brummies end up in Cornwall? Our original plan was Portugal as that is where my mum’s family come from, this was proving to be tricky but we wanted the beach and holiday feel. It couldn’t have fallen better, with our guests making their way down to beautiful Bude for a week with a wedding in the middle of their holiday! It meant we had pre-parties, after-parties and actually spent quality time with our friends and family.

I will never forget that crisp Autumnal day in October 2018 driving up the winding roads to Launcells – the first and only venue we looked at. It was breath taking and immediately we fell in love with everything about it. Meeting Lara sealed the deal for us – she was funny, kind, knowledgeable and understanding. She made us feel totally relaxed and we could envisage our wedding taking place at this extraordinary venue. The exclusivity of it was also a huge selling point to us – being able to really make it our home over the 2-3 days and having our wedding party stay with us in the most magnificent period house.

Those 3 days in July 2021 at Launcells Barton were the best days of my life so far and we do have to thank newest Launcells member on the block, Maddie, for being so diligent, calm and collected and helping to make some quick decisions based on the slightly temperamental weather. We feel very honoured to be Maddie’s first solo wedding, and she really did an outstanding job. Thank you!

We made a lastminute decision to have our ceremony in the barn rather than outdoors in the garden – Maddie didn’t skip a beat to turn it around for us and to the sweet sound of My Girl sung & played by our phenomenal band The Distractions, we began married life.

Every part of our day played out better than expected – and this was smoothly executed by Maddie & the Launcells team working during the wedding. They were professional, good humoured and had a smile on their face all day. All of our guests commented on how brilliant every single person working was – and how especially accommodating they were at supplying the drinks well into the evening! I was 5 months pregnant at the time, and the team were attentive and thoughtful in their approach. I was never left with an empty glass of elderflower, or a Cornish pasty in hand!

Lara and then Maddie, were on board with our vision from the very beginning – relaxed day time vibes, good humour, personal touches and a lively party. We hope that they loved the day just as much as we did! We can’t thank them enough for all their organisation, love and support since that first meeting in 2018. We cannot recommend Lara, Matt, Maddie & the team highly enough. All of our suppliers were equally as magnificent in bringing our vision together. Thank you!”

Top tip for couples: Enjoy the time planning together as a team. Make sure that you have personal touches of who you are as a couple. Work with your suppliers, not against them. 

It was an absolute pleasure getting to know you both over the last 3 years, we are all so glad that you finally got to have your day and celebrate with all your loved ones around you! We wish you and your new addition nothing but happiness as you step into the next chapter of your lives as parents! As I write this now, you could already have your new bundle in your arms! If you don’t, get as much sleep as you can now and then invest in as much concealer as you can carry! I hope you enjoy re-living your day in your feature, as much as we loved being a part of it! Huge Congratulations again!! 



Photographer: Mark Shaw

Flowers: Bleujen 

Catering: Beauty & The Feast/Abbots Catering Supplies

Band: The Distractions

Festoon Lights: DJC Generators

Bride & Mother of the Bride Hair: Hannah Woodgates

Bride & Mother of the Bride Make-Up: Fiona Miller




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